Friday, February 29, 2008

globl warming

stop globl warming and stop smocing because it is not jast bad for you it is bad for the erth green house gasis and cars mace pollution. it is melting the ice

from Jack B and Alicia

polar bears and global warming

plese help the polar bears find food i don't want them to drown.

we need to build them homes because they need homes.

from Allie and Trinity

sayving the pingwins

save the polar bears i got sad because the polar bears are drowning. I'm sad because of the penguins because they are having eggs and there is less spaces and they can't hatch because the ice is melting.

From Nicole and Jaylah

save whales

can you please stop using
escmows from using wales blubber

save REEFS!

paulino and gianni

polar bears

stop paloson becuse in the north pole the ice is melting and the
aniamals are getting sick.

tatiana and jenna

giobal warming

penguins need ice so don,t use cars any more.
help the polarbears and the penguins
polarbears also need ice. please build homes for polar bears
and penguins.

from nalani and ariana

greenhouse gas

stop yousing trocs
greenhousegas is macing our house hoter
stop driving cars so much
stop flying airplans so much
stop yousing the lit so much
stop yousing your lanwn mowers so much

from Liam and Jason

stop driving cars


from Otto and Elijah

polar saving

stop green hose gasing because it is bad it kills anamals in the wild so mach anamals if you are yor reking us so do it kus green hose gasis is melting poler bars home dont waste plasstk and paper because it is bad for the earth.

from kayla, jack z and william

don't kill

Use baking or corn oil for your cars.
Don 't smoke.
Don't use factorys use hands.
It is bad for you to breath in smoke.
It will hurt you if you breath.
you can hurt animals by doing this.

by MILO and DiEGO.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

saving polar bears

stop driving cars, limos and taxis because the ice is melting. start riding biecks and scatbors and scateboardss and rollerskates from skylar and alexandra

global warming

the ice is melting the polar beaars and the penguins are losing thier homes. tern off your cars when you get out of them or wok or skate bord or skoder if you like pegwins or pole bars i am going to make a thing that maks ice for the penguins and polar bears.

From Mathias and Emma

save the earth

do not smoke so much because it is bad four your lungs and muscles and brain teeth and throat. smokeing mack you sick so dont smoke. dont smoke so much put your cigarettes in the garbage can.

from Daniel, Theo and Brian

penguin globall warming

penguins cant lay ther eggs if thers no ice. polor bers are olso in dagr too because the oes is crokin.

from colin and sofia g

global warming

we need to help the anamls. ther homse are melting. just becuase of global warming. global warming is cause by driveing cars busis. airplans and factres.

from Savannah and Sammy

i love pengwins

cep up the good work. i like that you have new taxi for us. stil cep up the good work.
From Julian

saving the polar bear and penguins

please stop useing electticity if you are not useing it. use your car less and use your bike or use your skat bord or use your roller skat
sofia caitlyn.

dear mayer

dear myor,
dont use cars because its bad for the environment and do you have a limo? dont use it all the time. also, taxis.

from Jason and Giorgio

save animals

ples stop using electricity. we dot ned a electricity beycos the son can bey the lite. sing electricity wast oill . aif you era not wohting t .v. turn it off.

from Ivan and Lia

global warming

in the polar regions it.s geting bad. i feel bad. stop drieing a car take a subway because the somke gose into the air is to hot.
and the polar bears are loseing tair homes.
by sophia.m and louis.c

dear mayor

dear mayor,
please make a speech about polar bears. Their homes are melting and they have to swim for food.

From Sara and Kemonie

global warming and the arctic

write letters to the mayor and president tling tham to make new laws about stopping global warming. because in the polar regions the ice is melting and some peoples homes are melting too and they can't live there.

from liam;grace


dear mayor,
please make a speech, about the polar bear wan theey walk on the ice melts ands the polar bears have to swim for food please help them, from sara and kemonie,

save the anamals

save the polar bears and penguins. make a new law that helps the penguins . use less cars and start waking because it is bad. from ashley stephanie roman.

help goblwring

plesse walk more instead of driving your car because the air is getting poluded the temperature is gadeding hot. the iec is melting and the polar bears are losing their homes
froom john matthew

How to make less waste

Recycle when you make a mistake on your paper don't throw it out because you our makeing more waste for the environment sincerely,
marion nicolas.

global worming

to the pepel that are useing cars,
use your car less because the animmle are dieing. pollution is making the earth warm. the polar bears home is melting. please write back thank you

from sebastian and solomon

oil is bad for the animales

put oil in the water it is bad for the animales squides dolphines and other kriters like that. o Can you drive your cars every day? NO!

from omari and sandra

Dear mayor

Dear mayor,
please help make a law to protect polar bears and penguins.

Their homes are melting!

If you can that would be great.


Sofia and Diana.

haw to seyiv the penguins

you have to help the penguins that would be great. because their laying their eggs and the ice is melting. The eggs might fall into the water. from oda and jose.

oil spill

with your help its all falling into place

please stop littering. please recycle. in the green bin put paper. in the lue bin put in cans and bottles

from sky and freddie

World Water Day on March 22nd

On March 22nd, it will the World Water Day. We don't think much about water, we just turn the tap to get drinkable water, turn the tap and take a nice bath or shower, or just flush the toilets without thinking about it, but this is not the case everywhere.
In many countries, water is a rare resource, and drinkable water is even rarer. 
"More than 2.6 billion people - 40% of the world's population - lack basic sanitation facilities and over one billion people still use unsafe drinking water sources. As a result, thousands of children die everyday from diarrhoea and other water and hygiene- related diseases", and others are very ill. (see UNICEF's website

There are some activities for the day at the Museum of Natural History, and of course, if you haven't seen it yet, there's the exhibition Water: H2O = Life www.

You might want to think about water and realize how lucky we are to have water "at the tip of our fingers". Tell your friends and family, don't let water run when you don't need to and maybe think of a way of making your school aware of the World Water Day.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How do we stop global warming?

Global warming is bad for the environment. It is killing animals. Their homes are melting.

From Emma and James

How to Make Less Waste

-Try to find litter and make it into something fun
-bring your own bag to the grocery store
-use a lunch box

from Maisy and Philip

global warming

animles are in troble. globle warming is bad for amnles please stop pollution. please stop

from Laura and Julia

global warming

Stop hurting animals. their homes are meltng. please help

from Isabel and Noor

global warming

global warming kills animals because there homes are melting some polabars are drownning. please help

by liam and evan


what goes in the blue bins? cans, pans, millk bottles, hangers
What goes in the green bins? Cardboard, paper, tp tubes

from Justin and Claude

how to help globel warming

greenhouse gasis ploot the air. its melting the ice in atartika. some polpe bild their houses out of snow and ice and they are melting.

from Lila

global warming

global warming is band because it is makeine poler bears drene in the ice melt.
by Marco & Lauren.

How to Make less waste

if you have a plastic bottle you can make it ino a good monoral and a subway.

from eileen and cole

why shoud we stop global warming?

because the pepole ,animals and plants are loseing there homes.Because the ice is melting because of the heat. its because of the greenhouse gases. how do we help? we help by stop making factories and stop making smoke stacks.

from Henry and Nora

global warnimg

do you like bugs ? well global warming is helping bugs. do you know what bug is doing really well? a tick! konw how to stop global warning? I do. stop useing cars. start not polluting now. Because you are kiling animals like polar bears and penguins! why are they dying? when the earth gets warm their home melts. we can stop global warming. we can stop it.

from Mia, Olivia and Cayla

global warming

Friday, February 15, 2008

Air Pollution by Ms. Duman's Class

We did an experiment to test if the air around our school was polluted. We put vaseline inside a cup and then decided to put it outside our window. We also left a cup inside, to see if the air inside was polluted. We left the cups for 2 weeks to see what would happen. The cup left inside was clean and clear. The ones left outside had turned yellow. There were little black spots inside. It also smelled VERY BAD like car exhaust. We also found little bubbles inside the vaseline. Our air is polluted! WE need to stop putting smoke in the air. Instead of driving, we will ride our bikes and skateboards instead. We should also stop making factories. We will tell our parents to drive less and put up signs to tell people to walk instead of drive. We need to stop polluting the air.

Recycle Your Own Paper

We recycled our own paper out of old paper scraps. This is how we did it:
1. We ripped the scraps into small pieces
2. We added water and mushed it in the blender to make paper pulp
3. We squished it and sponged it to get all of the water out
4. We dried it in the sun

Freddie, Stephanie, Roman and Dominic

Climate Change/ Global Warming

Global warming is when the earth is getting warmer because we are polluting the air. The polar bears are losing their homes. We are putting too much smog in the air by driving cars and using factories

-Kemonie, Sebastian, Diana and Sandra


We recycle to make less waste in the landfill. Some things that CAN be recycled are:
-plastic and glass bottles
-pizza boxes
-metal hangers
-paper towel rolls
-news papers
-cereal boxes
-juice boxes

-Liam, Sara, Ashley and Marion

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Here are some ways that we can make less waste:
1. Put cans into the blue recycle bin
2. Use your water bottle over again, or buy one that can be washed and reused
3. Use trash items like cardboard and foil to build puzzles or things to play with
4. Use a reusable lunch box instead of a paper bag
5. Bring your own bags to the grocery store instead of using the plastic ones. Plastic bags are bad for animals and take about 1,000 to break down in a land fill.

-Grace, Soloman, Matthew, Omari and Oda