Friday, February 27, 2009

The Litter in our Playground by Miss DiMassa's Class

We really need a garbage can in our school yard because there is so much garbage! Also, we need to make sure the garbage can does not have a really big hole on the top because the wind can blow the garbage out! We need to make sure to put our garbage in the trash can! Do not drop it on the ground! When you see the garbage on the ground, put it in a plastic bag. Put it in a garbage can when you find one. Keep collecting as much garbage as you can! Stop polluting because it makes the Earth feel bad and it hurts animals too!

-Miss DiMassa's Class

A New Kind of Car By 1-207 Miss Patterson's Class

Dear People on Earth,
Stop using cars that pollute. We need to find a new way to bring oil to the U.S. Maybe a tunnel underground. We need to put oil in better containers so they don't leak into the ocean. Only use oil when you need it. Use more electric cars and hybrids. Some NYC taxis are hybrids! They have a green apple on them. These cars don't pollute. We should try to make models of cars that don't use oil. And if you can't find a clean car, take the train, bus, bike, scooter or walk! Could a car use water to make it run? Could cars use scraps of garbage to run? We should find out.

PS- Melchior, we really like the car that runs on air!

-Miss Patterson's Class

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hello! We're Miss Dunford's Class!

We are in first grade at PS 58 in Brooklyn, NY. Please stop polluting. When you pollute it is bad for the Earth. When you throw litter on the gound, it sometimes goes into the storm drains and ends up in the ocean. Then the pollution can kill animals. Sea turtles think that plastic bags are jellyfish and they eat them and die. Cutting down trees is bad because they make oxygen and we need oxygen! We're going to be learning about taking care of the Earth and posting our ideas here. Talk to you soon!