Monday, March 31, 2008

Did you switch off the light on Saturday evening?

Did you switch off the light on Saturday, March 29, between 8 and 9 PM? 
We did not because we completely forgot and it was Melchior's birthday. But it was a great idea and we did it last year for 5 minutes.
The idea is that people around the world turned off their lights at the same time for one hour so that it's like the earth is switching off and hopefully there is less energy used.

Last year we did it at pS58. We switched off the lights for 5 min in the classrooms and the custodians switched off the lights in the hallways. That was a nice way to show that we cared. Maybe we could pick a day for our school this year and we will turn off the lights for 10 minutes. We could also ask each family to switch off for 10 min in the evening on that day.  What do you think?

Melchior (3-320) and Jyoti (K-202)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Life Straw.

Life straws are used for drinking in dirty waters and rivers . The company did these straws  for people who have to drink dirty water.( And also have no tap water.).We will hopefully have one
to show on earth day. 

Melchior 3-320.            

Stop polluting!

Stop polluting because the earth is getting hot and one day the earth might die. And in Antarctica the ice is melting and the polar bears are dying because they cannot swim all day in the water. So that's why we should stop polluting. One day, our city is going to be flooded and people can't breathe under water. We saw on the web a project by an artist who traced white lines everywhere in Manhattan and Brooklyn to show where there will be water if it was flooding in New York. You can look at the pictures: highwaterline project
We don't want this to happen so we should stop people from motorcycles, cars or anything that uses gas. We should stop polluting!

Jyoti, K-202

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

how to save the world

The polar ice caps are melting. The penguins are dying and polar bears are dying. its mellting becuse of pollushin.
from Mathias and Emma

the dying rainforest

stop cutting down the trees in the rainforest because animals are dying. People dont care of the forest. please help.
from skylar

polar ice caps and my dad

The ice is melting for the penguins so stop driving cars so much and trukcs. my dad shod os mene dirint coens of wod lot are god for the invirmint by sofia g and colin

The rainforest

HALF of the earths animals live in the rainforest. her rainforest pepol cote daone trees . and animals lose their homes.
from Savannah and Sammy

saving the rain fORST


stop global warming

Stop driving car it melting the north and south pole. The animals homes too. will you stop. i will not like this. can you walk if your home is close.
From Brianna

polar ice caps

polar baers are indinger animals because we need to stop global warming. we can stop cuting down trees and plant more trees. the north pole and the slath pole are melting and the sea levle is geting hiyer and hiyer and some lans mite be flooded.the suns rass is going to the north pole and the slthe pole and thats what is hapning to are ereth.
mala and alexander

polr ice cap

stop green house gassis. stop poding the polar ice caps. is milting stop working in fateris stop couting trees.stop smoking stop litering.stop pouloshing stop driving cars
from daniel brian and theo.

rian forest

Dear President,
stop cuting trees down its bad for the environment
by sophia louis

the sad rainforest

sotp cut down trees you are killing animals. PeoplE ARE COTING DOWN TREES IN THE RAINFOREST. snakes have no place to live. crocdiyos to have no plas to go to. tree foogs lia and Ivan .

the polar ice caps.

the polar ice caps is melting because the sun is melting the ice.
from sky and gabriella

help the rain forest

stop cuting dawn the trees the annmls are losing their homes. john matthew

no more kuting trees.

no more kuting trees. stop kuting down the trees they or hrting the invirmint..

from oda and jose

polar ice caps

the sun is mellting the polar bears ice are mellting and there homes are mellting and the sun is next to our EARTH. The poloshon is making the ice mabuy you could help the earth. you could ride your skate baord. by roman stephanie ashley

the rainforest

Dear President

please stop cutting down trees because it is destroying animals houses . it is also drying the soil and the animals have
nowhere to go and the animals have no food, from dominic and freddie

Thank You


Please do not cut down trees because animals homes
are cuted down. Please do
not and its sunny outside.

Thank You- Solomon and sebastian please use your cars less

The polar ice caps

Did you know you have to stop driving your cars.Because you are melting the polar ice caps so please stop thank you. sincerely Marion and Nicolas.

polar ice caps

dear presedent,
will you do something about the ice caps? like a speach telling people not to drive to much.
that would really help are class to save the earth. and the animals to.

Thank You-
from Kemonie Sara and Sandra

the rainforest

rain forest are being cut donw evey time we cut donw trees it afesc not uleelyt the animal...But the trees. Help global warming. It makes global warming into our oxygen. when you cut donw trees you are losing oxygen.

From Liam;Grace.

Polar Ice Caps

Dear Presedent,
are you doing something about polar ice caps?
They are melting!
It is efecting many animals.
If you are doing something that is great.
Sofia and Diana

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


can you please stop cutting down trees. animals like the red eyed tree frogs are losing their homes. Thanks.

Marco and Lauren

no more cuting trees

no cut tree this is not good do not put fire
cole and eileen


every minute 100 acres of trees are cut. that is the size of 50 foot ball fields. stop cuting downtrees.

Rain foreist

Stop cuting down trees that are in the Rain foreist. animals in the Rain foreist such as frogs and jagwoers. animals in the Rain foreist are ding in the Rain foreist and the trees are helping are erth and it is good and bad air is bad for us and that not good.
from noor and isabell

poler ice caps

ice caps are melting becuse of golbl worming and the teprcher is geting wormer and the ice is slowly melting and the poler bear have to swim for 40 miles poler
bears can only swim for 23 miles prh hour
by theo lila

save the rainforest

from maisy
ther are three parts of A rainforests the top is calld
canopy the middil is understory the botum is calld
the ground layer.

From Philip
rain forest the tree is in danger in the rain fores. it is
losing trees. it nets mor tree to gat .

no more cuting trees

if you cut trees down animals will die and nacher will die. in the rian forest
cole and eileen

don't cut down trees

Stop cuting down trees because you are destoying anamils homes like the treefrog
by Nora and Henry

the rain forest

when they cut down the trees the animals dy. stop cuting down trees. buy recycled paper towles. if you dont buy recycled paper towles then your paper towles wont be recycled paper towles let the animals live where the animals whant to live
from evan and liam

rain froests

pepole cut down trees to do framing . and sense all the trees are geting cut . thers no shade!. and the soil drys and crarks.rainforests have lots of trees and birds and fish like piranhas . people cut the trees shoot the birds and fish for the fish. Stop cutting down the rainforest trees. The animals are dying and the lead beaters possum is dying becasue it has no home. and it can have babys when it is 6 or 7. but sisnce indians are cutting down thier homes they cant have babies and they are losing there homes!
olivia and cayla and mia.

polar bears and global warming

polrbars are in danger because of glovle worming. please help them. please dont use cars and plians. please use trains it is getting h0oer and hoter thank you
by laura and julia.