Thursday, June 11, 2009

A rainy earth day by Dexter


here is a video that Dexter, a 3rd grader at that time, made for our first earth day celebration in the spring 2007.
You'll find plenty of good tips and it might inspire you on how to share your concerns and suggestions with others.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Home - a beautiful movie on our planet earth

You can watch on the internet until June 14:
In English

In French

there's also a version in Spanish and German...

It's on YouTube but only until June 14!


Friday, May 15, 2009

To Kids in France

what kind of weather do you have? our weather in the spring is kind of warm. todays temperature is 64 degrees F. The weather is enough for us to wear a short sleeve shirt. what do you use to measure the temperature Farenheit or Celcius? Yesterday it poured there was lightning and thunder. It was raining all last week. thir was a lot of sophia and lydia


is it rani or sany or cloudy? what temperature is it over there? what do you use fahrenheit or celciu
s? what season are you in? over there wear you cold or hot.
from Lamine and Owen

wether around the earth

dear kids in singapore do you yous fahrenheit or celcius we yous fahrenheit what seson is it ther ? today the tepitcher hier is 64 degrees F what is yours? what flors p.s. do not liter. Joseph and henry.


dear kids in singapore,
what kind of wether are you
having today? 64 degrees F. by the way do you use? fahrenhit/celcius? Yesterday was a storm. There was thunder and lightning. this week it was very rainy but today it is sunny and warm. it is sort of really hot. how many days of school do you have a week? and weeks of school? what season are you in? what kind of clothes do you waere? it is spring in new york. from evan,jade

dear singapore

this is new york. its 65 degrees F and cloudy

. We have learning about Singapore. Is it sometimes rainy? becos its rainy today it

che'r e anfen de frens

Quelle et votre tempe'rature au jourdui? et-ce-que il n eig chez vous?
et-quil pleus chez vous ? et-ce-que vous portes des mento quan il pleus? barbara amara

wait is your wether?

today it 64 degrees f. yesterday was rane in new york.wat is is cloudy. is it suney. What is your weather? was sizin do you like. do you pllot. by luca and achille.


our beutiful earth.

our earth is beutiful because it is the only plantet that's just right for people. our weather in new york today is 64 degrees F. What is your weather today? What season is it where you live? It is spring here.from luke maddalone and lukas turlick.


dear singapore kids,
its been rainy very rainy.
yesterday we had a huge storm.exepete none of us hardly saw it. today is 65 farenheit
and sunny.the weather is getting warmer.right now it is spring. what season is it there? do you use farenheit or celcius is it sunny, rainy, or snowy?is it warm or cold. what type of clothes do you wear?how do you look chinese?
Love asha and Emma

wait is your wether

What Is Your Wether?

Aujou,dih il faie65f%de grai yaire yavai un n)orage Qail Toen Faie Tille En Frence.
frernce what Is Your Wether?p.s do you uose s/d?.do you

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Welcome to the children of Kindercorner in Singapore

That was a lovely surprise to read the thoughts of the children in Kindercorner on Friday just before we celebrated Earth Day at PS58. Thank you and welcome back on Little Grassroots.

We had a lovely day and the sun and warmth were eventually with us! We printed your post with your thoughts and added it to our poster on Little Grassroots and many kids were excited to see that you had posted. They are looking forward to reply.

For those of you who might wonder where is Singapore, here are two maps - a world map and then a more focused map. 


al (Jyoti and Melchior's mum)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thoughts for Earth Day

The children at Kinder Corner have been thinking about Earth Day and sharing ideas about how they can help the earth.

Yi Nuo: 'I will not turn on the television at all'. Xiao Han: 'Don't use the aircon, use the fan'. (Xiao Han wore her 'I love the Earth' t-shirt today. Liam/Abel: 'You must turn off the lights'. Jasmine: 'You must shut off the water'. Jun Kai: 'Don't throw rubbish in the water or the fish will die'.

We have been singing the song 'A song for Earth'. Some of the books the children have enjoyed lately are 'The Giving Tree', 'Earth Our Planet in Space', 'Whoever You Are' and 'Recycle Every Day'. Our favourite book 'Dear Children of the Earth - A letter from Home' was eaten by termites and we don't have a new one yet.

Today we had a clean up outside and sorted the things into different containers for 'plastic', 'paper', and 'glass and metal'. The children will bring more things from home to be sorted and then think about how to reuse or recycle them.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

different places, different time zones, different weather


I picked 4 locations: New York, Beaune (the ecole des Fleurs) and Singapore and London (as there are two schools there which might join our blog, and we used to have children from Singapore and London posting on this blog two years ago).
I looked at the weather forecast for the next 5 days. I did it in degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celcius. 

Maybe you can go and check on the map with your teachers where are these different locations and if you have time, go and check the weather in other locations (places where you have family and friends) and share it with us.

al (Jyoti's mum)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bonjour des Blanches Fleurs

Nous sommes la classe d'Isabelle Jacquinod CM1, CE2.
Nous trouvons votre blog très bien. Nous allons écrire des choses sur votre blog, en français pour l'instant. Nous aussi, nous trions les déchets.
Nous avons pris des photos des poubelles dans les classes et autour de l'école.

Voici les poubelles de classe. Nous trions les déchets : dans la poubelle "papiers" on met des papiers, dans l'autre poubelle, nous mettons des mouchoirs, tubes de colle terminés, stylos qui ne marchent plus...

Voici les grosses poubelles Papiers, Cartons et autres déchets. On y vide les poubelles de classe.

Les poubelles vertes qui sont sous le préau servent à jeter les papiers des gâteaux et les papiers de bonbons...

Voici le compost. Il y a des pommes de terre !

Les grands bacs pour le verre et les journaux sont juste à côté de l'école, sur le parking.

Au revoir.
Nous sommes très contents d'écrire sur votre blog.

Les élèves des Blanches Fleurs

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Please join us for an Earth Day Celebration at P.S. 58! The celebration will be on Friday, April 24 from 3-5 in the schoolyard. There will be many different booths and activities for children and adults, including decorating reusable shopping bags, oyster gardening, and planting a container garden! Learn about urban bee keeping as you observe an actual bee hive hard at work! Visit with the Gowanus Dredgers and learn about the P.S. 58 Green Roof Project! Listen to songs, books and poems performed by P.S. 58 students. We hope to see you there!


I would like a world clean up may 16 2009. And on that day nobody will do stuff that causes pollution. And they will clean up everything in their towns. And the world will be a cleaner place. What do you think?

From, Lukas

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Where is Beaune?

It's in France, but where?

Check the map above: It's the little A tag... 

Welcome to Classroom 4 at L'ecole Blanches Fleurs / Bienvenue a la classe 4 de l'ecole Blanches Fleurs


I just wanted to let you know that Isabelle, the teacher of the class 4 of L'ecole des Blanches Fleurs (The school of the white flowers) in Beaune, France has accepted our invitation and will soon posting on le blog.
Last Friday they read your posts and were  very excited to see you were talking to them. They are planning to post soon. 

Welcome to all the kids of Class 4 and their teacher! Looking forward to the discussion.

On the behalf of the First graders of PS 58

Je voulais vous informer qu'Isabelle, la maitresse de la classe 4 a L'ecole des Fleurs Blanches a Beaune, France a accepte notre invitation et postera bientot sur le blog.
Vendredi dernier, ils ont lu vos textes et etaient tres contents de voir que vous leur parliez. Ils vous repondront bientot.

Bienvenue aux enfants de la classe 4 et a leur maitresse! 
A tres bientot sur le blog,

De la part des CPs de PS 58

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Les abeilles - the bees

Notre grand pere nous a dit que les abeilles on disparu et c'est grave par ce que  sans les abeilles, les plantes, les fruis et les legumes ne peuve pas ce reproduir . J'ai  chercher pour quoi les abeilles sont partis   : 1. il y a des mites qui les mange les abeilles ! : 2. Les insecticides. Vous ave une autre reponse?
Our grand pa told us that the bees are desapearing and it's bad because bees help plants, fruits and vegetables to reprodus. I looked wi and found that 1. mites are eating bees! 2.  insecticides. 
Do you have anover anser?

Good news! Scientists found many dolphins in Bangladesh

The Ganges river dolphin
The Ganges river dolphin
The Irrawaddy dolphin
The Irrawaddy dolphin

Hi all,

as you are worried about endangered species, I thought you would be delighted to hear that biologists have found a group of 6,000 Irrawaddy dolphins (see pictures) which were thought to be at risk of dying. These dolphins live in rivers and deltas from southern Asia to northern Australia. 

However the scientists say that these dolphins need to be protected because they risk to get entangled in fishing nest and also because there are less freshwaters because of dam construction. 

The scientists also say that global warming was also a threat to the dolphins. Indeed as the Himalayan glaciers shrink, the sea levels will raise and the river flows will change and thus the habitat of these dolphins will be at threat as they need water with very little salt. 

The scientists are now working with the Bangladesh government to create areas to protect the dolphin and for another species, the Ganges river dolphin. Let's hope they create these protected areas soon. 

al (Jyoti and Melchior's mum)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oil spill


oil spills are really, really bad for the animals in the ocean.
I saw a movie (and read the book after) about a seagull that went down in the water and did not see the boat that was cleaning its tank. She was caught by the oil spill and her feathers were all stuck together. She could not breathe and it was hard for her to fly. She had an egg to lay and found a place to do so. But after she laid her egg and asked a cat to take care of her baby, she died. That was sad. We should prevent this kind of stories to happen.
A lot of animals died because of oil spills. That's what Ms Marsh told us. 
So we should stop the men in the boat to clean their tanks and create oil spills. Some captains say "just throw the dirty thing in the water" and they know what they are doing. This is criminal! I think it is ridiculous what they are doing to the ocean. It is really bad.


Jyoti (with the editing help of my mummy :-) )

Wild Ocean


I read some of your posts about the oil spills and protecting the environment. For my birthday I went to see a movie called Wild Ocean at the Museum of National History.
It was about how sardines affected a whole life cycle - sharks, dolphins, seals, penguins, birds, etc. and human beings. This part of the ocean, nearby the coast of South Africa, the wild coast, is known to be the only coast where we can see how the ocean was in the older days - i.e. untouched by pollution and full of fish.
I loved it and I think everyone of you should watch it.
If you go, please let me know what you thought of it.


PS: watch the movie trailer below

Monday, March 23, 2009

oil damage

Hi my name is George and Nathaniel. Do not make oil spills. Oil sponges suck up the oil so the sea can better and no fish can die. Don't make oil ships. Make oil ships more secure.
From, George and Nathaniel

Friday, March 20, 2009

on vuex aretai la polution

aretai de fume il ne faut pas couper les arbres aetai de conduir des voiture
-Ella and Samuel

dont pollute the air

we read a book named The Lorax and the swans and birds had smog around them. they went away. it was heartbraking so dont pollute the air.
Allison and Kamili

stop polluting

dear kids in france,
do not use cars alot. It puts pollution in the air. Walk instead.
Zoe and Harry

oil spill !

oil spills are very bad.they kill lots of animals.we should make more hybrids.we think that we should make a car that runs on battery just battery!with oil we polout the atnesfear!1000s of animals are killed!even birds!so when the birds dive in the water they get oil on them!jackson and sam.

global warming

when sun lite heds to earth it goes throo the atmosphere it normally goes out but when we pollute the atmosphere it get's thicker and cannot go out!

Ivy and Alita

air polution

Dear kids in france.
Stop poluting the air.Don't's killing animals,and humans.Do you know anybody who has a hybrid car?I hope so.
Miles, Anita Mae and Merlin

stop lidering.

do not lider because it will heret anamls like mise and pegins. pick up garbige and throw it away when you get it.pegins eat it and it makes it very sick.
Savannah and Clara


dear kids in france,
plees dont ploot it will spoil are earrth that we live on take care of our earth for a example me and my friend named lucy we cleend up our school to lucy and dahlia.

oil dammige

hi my naem is george and nathaniel. oil sponges clear the wottre to help fish. don't make oil ships. Make oil ships more secure.
George and Nathaniel


Dear Readers, I do not want an eath that is not tacken care of.If your parents smoke,hide there sigerets.Anything to save our earth.Ride your bike to shool.Cut down less tress.Take care of the earth.Or you can plant a tree yourself.
Veronika and Sarah


Stop throwing garbage in the ocean. animals think it is food and die.
Schottie, Lucas and Robert

Air pollution

The world is getting polluted. Many people pollute every second of the day. So it is very bad that people pollute so much on the Earth. It is going to the water. and animals are dying. PS- please don't pollute
Henry and Joseph

oil spills

french enfens ,
oil spills ce pas bien there are oil spills presce every jour they can kill poisson et other animaux auquitique the ocean is geting more and more puluted each day. Wich is another cause to globol waming.Next to air poluting and land asha and emma.

are polushn

Dear Kids in France,
Pollution is bad for the earth. do not trhow stof on the grond becos it can make our earth! A BIUN TO! FROM ABBY AND LUHAN AND ACHILLE

cars and walking.

Dear Every One in France,
when you drive you pullute.becaus it pulluts the air.and buses do to.
Kira and James

la paulusion

on na prie des vere on na mie sete craimee dan le vere' il iya baucou de paulusion barbara amara

garbig paluts

Dear Kids in France,
we want to have a better idea in stead of a garbig can. its because it can blow off onto the street. if you have garbig on your street also you can pick it up. on your street! ok? i hope you like this idea.
Evan and Jade

oil spills

Do not bring oil maybe you could ride the subway or a submarine. Please stop pollution and oil spills and stop driving motorcycles and cars.

Luca and Jasper

air ploting

dear kids in france we shud stop yousing cars that run on oil. do not pollute in the air bykus it is bad for us. we shud yuse cars that run on solor or cars that run on air. Do not use cars because it causes oil spills. And stop using airplanes. OIl spills are polluting our air. Airplanes have exhaust coming out of it. Airplanes use oil.
Sophia and Lydia

La polusion.

cher cousin,
je veux aretes la polusion maitenant! La terre et tres inportent! Cest la seul planete quon peux vivre. Le soiey va dans la terre et elle ne peux pas sortire. Les arbre prend la polusion et la transforme la polusion et an air alor je veux pas coupes Les arbre.par Jyoti et Alice.

making earth clean

Dear Kids in France,
un day i wish moi et evrybody in la terre will plant a tree. You guys got to fix more of the terre. so our terre will be safer.


Dear Boy in France,
pepole are puluting in new york city we want you to help our eath. planes put lots of pulushon in the air and oil.
Owen and Lamine

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

stop polluting

on the earth if you know whats good for you dont litter. Every time you litter you kill the earth.
Ashley and Kaitlyn


go arand each day and tell people do not Litter because it is not good for the animals. Every time you litter you kill the Earth. The Earth has lots of animal homes and its not fair for the animals!


oil spill

do not make oil spill 0n the floor. Because animals might drink it and die. And you don't want animals to go away, would you? So stop making oil spills.
Sky and Alexa


please do not litter it kills animals.Do not litter it is bad for the earth . If we dont litter it will be good for the earth.
Lily and Chiara

saving the earth by being green

please do not kill animals and trees. they give us green. by max. gaetano. graham.


a lot of polluting is happening and its bad becuase we wont be able to breth and pepol need to breth. plants, trees and all kinds of green plants take the bad stuff out of the air so please plant more trees to help the air to get cleaner. ride your bike to school instead of driving. don't use so many things that have smoke.

luke and margaret


We are learning about pollution oil spills and air and water. we drink water. when we pollute the air it rains the pollution in the air go`s in the ocean. don`t throw things on the grownd because it go`s in drains and go`s to the ocean.
Dylan and Balthazar

oil spills

plees stop makeing oil spils. no moor oil spils. if you dont we will put sins up I am geting mad about poil spills. IF you don't stop quicklyalot more animals will die because of you and I love them. Put more booms around oil spills because they help the earth and keep the oil in one place.
Solly and Milo

oil spill !

deaur pepol around the earth
i love the Earth. and if you pollute water it can be very bad for the animals in the water.

Feiyan, Roberto and Alana


Please stop polluting because when it rains it goes down the drain into the ocean. Some time papers go into the filters.


oil spills

dear mr. obama,
ples stop bringing oil over the ocean.

Oscar and Michael

oil spil.

Dear Mr. Obama,
Please stop oil spills. Stop bringing oil over the ocean in ships. Please!!

Noah and Walker

the lorax

dear kids from france,
me and my friend laura read this cool book named the lorax.there is a lot of polluting,for an example...oil spills,smoke factares,chopingdown trees and deidly liquids. from Laura and Eva

Dear All Around the World

Dear All Round the World,
Stop polluting because we can die and our animals can die too. IF you do not stop then you are killing the Earth, Ok?

From,vincent and sabrina and jaylah.

oil spills

oil spill can kill alot of sea animals .and geese and swans,ducks pleas dont harm other animals.some oil spills are on perpis and some are accident. On March 24, 1989 there was a big oil spill. THe ship that spilled the poil was called the Exxon Valdez.



Pollution is bad. Can you stop. It goes to the ocean. It is not good for the planet. Trash is bad and it is not good for the animals.

Mariel and Anthony

Water Pollution

When you throw garbage on the ground it rains the rain carries the garbage in the cellar and it goes into the sea. dont pollution. its bad for the earth.
From stella and kimani.

oil spill

do not wast car gas. do not put oil in the water its killing animals. oil is bad for are children and teenagers and parents. we need something to help us in the earth or thall be no more animals.
Rosalie and Byron


hi im sophia and this is nicole. and we are here to tell you about pollution. people are we want to talk to you about it. i was thinkng about puting posters up.i think we should use paper bags to pick up garbage. Let us know what you think.

air pollution

a bunch of people are getting sick because of air pollution. A lot of states are using a lot of pollution.
Charlotte and Chrisitian

air polltl0n

do not use your cars. you can walk instaed. you have to stop it. air polltion is bad for the air . the trees help the air.
From thea and victoria.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Global Warming by Miss Hwang's Class

We should not drive our cars so much. Driving pollutes the air. Instead you could ride your bike. Air pollution causes Global Warming. As we pollute our atmosphere, we trap heat from the sun. This is making our Earth get warmer and warmer. It is causing polar bears to die because the ice where they live is melting and they cannot swim that long. We also shouldn't smoke. Factories also pollute the air. Smoke stacks add pollution to the air. We should plant more trees! They suck in the bad air and make oxygen! We also need to cut down less trees. We will talk to you soon.

-Miss Hwang's First Grade Class

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Litter in our Playground by Miss DiMassa's Class

We really need a garbage can in our school yard because there is so much garbage! Also, we need to make sure the garbage can does not have a really big hole on the top because the wind can blow the garbage out! We need to make sure to put our garbage in the trash can! Do not drop it on the ground! When you see the garbage on the ground, put it in a plastic bag. Put it in a garbage can when you find one. Keep collecting as much garbage as you can! Stop polluting because it makes the Earth feel bad and it hurts animals too!

-Miss DiMassa's Class

A New Kind of Car By 1-207 Miss Patterson's Class

Dear People on Earth,
Stop using cars that pollute. We need to find a new way to bring oil to the U.S. Maybe a tunnel underground. We need to put oil in better containers so they don't leak into the ocean. Only use oil when you need it. Use more electric cars and hybrids. Some NYC taxis are hybrids! They have a green apple on them. These cars don't pollute. We should try to make models of cars that don't use oil. And if you can't find a clean car, take the train, bus, bike, scooter or walk! Could a car use water to make it run? Could cars use scraps of garbage to run? We should find out.

PS- Melchior, we really like the car that runs on air!

-Miss Patterson's Class

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hello! We're Miss Dunford's Class!

We are in first grade at PS 58 in Brooklyn, NY. Please stop polluting. When you pollute it is bad for the Earth. When you throw litter on the gound, it sometimes goes into the storm drains and ends up in the ocean. Then the pollution can kill animals. Sea turtles think that plastic bags are jellyfish and they eat them and die. Cutting down trees is bad because they make oxygen and we need oxygen! We're going to be learning about taking care of the Earth and posting our ideas here. Talk to you soon!

Monday, January 12, 2009

An amazing car

  I just heard of this car that uses AIR to move around.
I just wanted to share this interesting information with everybody.  

BY:Melchior Tamisier-Fayard.