Friday, May 15, 2009

To Kids in France

what kind of weather do you have? our weather in the spring is kind of warm. todays temperature is 64 degrees F. The weather is enough for us to wear a short sleeve shirt. what do you use to measure the temperature Farenheit or Celcius? Yesterday it poured there was lightning and thunder. It was raining all last week. thir was a lot of sophia and lydia


is it rani or sany or cloudy? what temperature is it over there? what do you use fahrenheit or celciu
s? what season are you in? over there wear you cold or hot.
from Lamine and Owen

wether around the earth

dear kids in singapore do you yous fahrenheit or celcius we yous fahrenheit what seson is it ther ? today the tepitcher hier is 64 degrees F what is yours? what flors p.s. do not liter. Joseph and henry.


dear kids in singapore,
what kind of wether are you
having today? 64 degrees F. by the way do you use? fahrenhit/celcius? Yesterday was a storm. There was thunder and lightning. this week it was very rainy but today it is sunny and warm. it is sort of really hot. how many days of school do you have a week? and weeks of school? what season are you in? what kind of clothes do you waere? it is spring in new york. from evan,jade

dear singapore

this is new york. its 65 degrees F and cloudy

. We have learning about Singapore. Is it sometimes rainy? becos its rainy today it

che'r e anfen de frens

Quelle et votre tempe'rature au jourdui? et-ce-que il n eig chez vous?
et-quil pleus chez vous ? et-ce-que vous portes des mento quan il pleus? barbara amara

wait is your wether?

today it 64 degrees f. yesterday was rane in new york.wat is is cloudy. is it suney. What is your weather? was sizin do you like. do you pllot. by luca and achille.


our beutiful earth.

our earth is beutiful because it is the only plantet that's just right for people. our weather in new york today is 64 degrees F. What is your weather today? What season is it where you live? It is spring here.from luke maddalone and lukas turlick.


dear singapore kids,
its been rainy very rainy.
yesterday we had a huge storm.exepete none of us hardly saw it. today is 65 farenheit
and sunny.the weather is getting warmer.right now it is spring. what season is it there? do you use farenheit or celcius is it sunny, rainy, or snowy?is it warm or cold. what type of clothes do you wear?how do you look chinese?
Love asha and Emma

wait is your wether

What Is Your Wether?

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frernce what Is Your Wether?p.s do you uose s/d?.do you