Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hello from Miss Jab's Class! 1-211

Don't throw things on the ground because animals in the ocean might eat it. When it rains, it pushes the garbage into the drains and then into the water. We like to help our Earth! When it is a sunny day, don't watch TV. Shut off your lights and go outside to play! If you are not using your bedroom, you should turn the light off. When you are going to go outside and the TV is still on, shut the TV off! Doing jobs that help the Earth, help people make money AND help the Earth! Could you help the Earth? Please don't litter! Because it hurts the animals and the Earth! When you are playing and have garbage in your hand, don't just throw it on the ground. Put it in a garbage can! Help the environment by doing these things. If you have a lot of cans, you should recycle them in a recycling bin! Talk to you soon!

Hello From Miss DelloStritto's Class! 1-209

Please use the funny looking light bulbs (CFL's) to help save the home of the polar bears. Use solar panels instead of electric, because they don't make pollution. This may sound funny, but painting your roof white helps the environment. It keeps the buildings cooler. Don't use cars! Walk instead! Gas from the cars is bad for the environment. Eat less meat because cow farts are bad for the Earth! Don't use too much electricity, use the least amount you can! When you are not using your TV turn it off! We burn oil to make electricity and that is bad for the planet! When you are not using your car, shut it off! To be continued...